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Compete in leagues

Join the Bkool leagues and compete with thousands of Bkoolers from all over the world. Fight for first place on some of the toughest and most beautiful routes across a range of continents or in the velodrome, with team pursuits, Keirn or elimination events.

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Make Bkool yours

The Bkool experience is tailored by you, with expert trainers, specialised video classes and technology that adapts to your ability, you have the power to take control of your fitness with Bkool.

Thanks to Bkool I stay on top of my training during the winter. I compete in the leagues and challenges every week and that allows me to be competitive and keep pedalling.

Jakob - Denmark

Bkooler since 2014

The fitness classes help me to stay active and exercise every week. It is easy to use and has classes for every day and every situation

Anna - United Kingdom

Bkooler since 2018