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Ride together with Electro Hiper Europa

Ride with the Pro Cyclists!

General Rules

How to join the Group Ride?

To take part in the BKOOL Group Rides, you need a Premium subscription. Remember you can try BKOOL Premium for free for a month. Do you want to join Electro Hiper Europa and feel like part of the team for a few kilometres? Enter BKOOL on Tuesday 14th December at 19:00 (CET) and choose the featured session highlighted by a yellow star in the LIVE section of the Main Menu. If you cannot find it, refresh the screen until it appears. Join the session and wait for the warm up to finish to enjoy a unique experience with 4 Cyclists from the UCI Continental team. 

Timetable (CEST)

The Group Ride session will kick off next Tuesday December 14th 2021 at 19:00 (CET). Join the featured session highlighted by a yellow star during the warm up period 19:00 - 19:10 (CEST). At 19:10 the session will get underway with the cyclists from Electro Hiper Europa.

A team to bet on in the future

Electro Hiper Europa is an Argentinian team based in Spain, set up to promote the development of some of the most promising young talent in the world of cycling.  Don't miss it!

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