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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users and customers is very important to us. On the following document, we indicate how from BKOOL, we manage your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD).

Who is responsible for the treatment of the data provided?

BKOOL, S.L. (hereinafter "BKOOL") owner of the present website, details of which are available in the legal notice.

BKOOL is the data controller of personal data that the User´s provides through the website and assumes the commitment to protect the personal data of all persons with whom it deals, respecting the legal requirements in terms of data protection and with strongest guarantees of confidentiality and security

Treatments carried out by BKOOL of the user's data

1. Created an account through the registration form

We request name, surnames and an email address to process the user's registration. In addition, the user is asked to create a password that will, together with his email, allow the user to enter his user profile.

2. To buy products in BKOOL

If the user purchases a roller through the Website, a series of personal data will be requested to formalize the purchase itself.

If what the user wants is to become a Premium user, which implies purchasing a subscription to the simulator, the user is asked for a series of additional data through the form, in order to formalize the purchase of the simulator based on the permitted payment methods.

BKOOL uses payment services from a third-party supplier to manage purchases. These providers meet the security standards required by the regulations for payment providers. BKOOL does not store credit card information of the user's.

3. To manage the user's account.

The user can add additional information in their profile, including their photograph, to manage the user participation into the application and the way the user want to be seen by other BKOOL users. The public profile is configured as private by default and it is the user who decides which personal information can be viewed by others, in case the user wants other BKOOL users to see his information. The user can also decide what information he shares with others, if he wants to, such as ranking, leagues, groups, friends.

Once registered, the user can manage their history, activity details, calendar, plans, as well as import Garmin activities, among others.

4. To use the simulator's features.

For example, when pairing devices with the simulator, such as the BKOOL cycling trainer itself or the user's heart rate sensor. The user can also choose types of sessions and routes to use the simulator and save the results of its various sessions, as long as the user decides to save them. The user can also choose to discard them.

If the user connects devices and applications to the simulator, BKOOL collects and treats the information provided by these devices. That might include health data, which can be inferred from aspects such as heart rate, height, weight and other benchmarks facilitate by the devices it selves or enter manually by the user.

Also, we can come to treat the user´s location information, if the device is configured to share such information or is provide by the user.

5. To invite friends.

If the user decides to invite friends to BKOOL we will treat emails from friends in order to send them invitations. We will not save those emails after sending the invitation.

6. To contact BKOOL through the various contact forms available on the website.

The user, whether register or not, can use the forms available on the webside to make queries regarding the products and services at BKOOL

What legitimizes BKOOL to processing the user's personal data and what is the purpose of the processing?

The processing of data necessary for the acquisition of the BKOOL cycling and the simulator or Premium account is legitimized by the need to process such data in order to formalize the purchase with the user.

The rest of the purpose of the processing indicated in the preceding section are legitimized in the consent of the user, who accepts this privacy policy when registering on the website, for that reason it is important that the user understands this policy and asks us if he has any questions before accepting it. At the time of providing the registration data, the user guarantees the authenticity of such data. Otherwise, the user will be held responsible for the damage that may cause to BKOOL or third parties for not providing authentic data, aside from the nickname that can be a fantasy data.

The purpose for which we processing the data is directly related to the management of the service provided to the user through BKOOL and the use of the simulator by the user and / or purchase of the BKOOL cycling.

Notifications to the user.

The user can receive notifications by email related to the service activity. These notifications include notices about friendship requests, activity reports, challenges, photo and messages reviews, BKOOL information, promotions. And, in particular, with all the possibilities described in the "notifications" section of the user configuration panel. Precisely, from the configuration panel, the user can configure the notifications that he wishes to receive from BKOOL or, if necessary, if he does not wish to receive any notification. In addition, the communications received by the user itself allow him, by clicking onto a link, to unsubscribe from them.

Communications to third parties made by BKOOL

The use of the services provided by BKOOL may involve the communication of the user's data to third parties. In the event that the user choose payment by card, the data of the same will be stored by a payment provider called PAYTPV that is in charge of storing that data in a secure manner and that meets the security standards required by BKOOL for its suppliers.

Likewise, in the event that the user chooses the payment option for "financing with Paga + Tarde", his data will be released to PAGAMASTARDE SL, a company dedicated to financing through consumer lending, in order to manage the user's financed payment of the user who choose this payment option.

For the sending of the BKOOL cycling the contact data of the user will be facilitated to the transport companies in order to be send to the address provided by the user.

On the other hand, the technology that allows BKOOL to provide user services is contracted with Amazon Web Services, a secure system infrastructure provider whose servers are located within the European Economic Area.

Storage periods of data

The user can decide whenever he wants to delete the data provide through the user profile and application history. Once he decides to delete them, BKOOL will not retain such data. As long as the user decides to be registered with BKOOL, they will storage such information. If the user decides to unsubscribe, BKOOL will proceed to cancel it, without prejudice to the data corresponding to purchases of products that must be kept until the end of the legal period requirements. We will also keep the user's email for five years to guarantee the traceability of the users of the Trial simulator and to avoid undue abuse of the test simulator. To delete your user account, you must write to the following email address:

Exercise of rights

Holders of personal data may exercise their right of access to their personal data, right to rectifications or to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to object to processing and right to data portability through a written communication addressed by email to the following address In both cases interested the user must include a copy of their National ID Card, Passport or other valid document that identifies them. In the event that the exercise of the rights is not resolved satisfactorily, the user can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

In addition to this, the user can contact the data protection delegate on the same address.

Security Measures

The user´s personal data would be processing by BKOOL in the strictest confidentiality, applying the technical and organizational security measures necessary to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data that are processed and according to the type of data.

Limitations for minors

It is strictly forbidden for minors under the age of 14 to provide personal data to BKOOL. In addition, purchase transactions can only be made by adults. If any person under the age of 14 provides data, or under 18 years makes purchases, their parents or guardians will be held responsible for such circumstance. Please, if you are a minor, first ask your parents or guardians to get in contact with us.


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The complete information on cookies that are installed is specified in the cookies policy.

Social Networks.

BKOOL holds accounts in different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram). The data processing carried out by BKOOL of such data is the one permitted by the social networks themselves through their services, without BKOOL extracting personal data from such social networks from its followers and users. BKOOL uses these social networks to inform about its services and promotions relate it to the platform itself in accordance with the contracting conditions established by the owners of the social networks themselves.

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